Cold Weather Prep

Now is the time to prepare your facilities for the cold weather ahead.

Insulate Pipes
Frozen pipes are one of winter’s most costly hazards. Prior to the cold weather setting in, have your pipes insulated, especially pipes close to the outside walls, attics or crawl spaces where the chance of freezing is greatest. Inspect the area around the pipes for any air leaks and seal leaks as soon as possible. Disconnect, remove and store outdoor hoses. Close all inside valves supplying outdoor hose bibs. Open the outside hose bibs to allow water to drain.

Heating Systems
Your heating system will provide decades of reliable service, but only if properly maintained. In addition to yearly inspections, maintenance personnel should make the following weekly and monthly checks.


  • Inspect the boiler or furnace room for cleanliness
  • Remove unnecessary combustibles
  • Maintain a 36-inch clearance between heating appliances and combustibles
  • Ensure equipment is unobstructed and easily accessed
  • Check boiler or furnace for water leaks and excessive fuel odors
  • Observe proper firing, if you can do so safely
  • Verify that pressures and temperatures are within allowable limits
  • Check the fuel oil storage tank and schedule a delivery, if necessary


  • Manually test the boiler low-water cutoff and the safety relief valve
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