Risk Mitigation Services and Training

From content management to hands-on training, we provide a wide array of custom services.

Integrated Security Training and Assessment

Bringing together top-tier expertise from a range of disciplines, we assess your organization’s risks and implement an on-site training program utilizing an integrated team approach. Elements include:

Active Shooter Response Training

Hands-on education and training for active shooter and other emergency situations. Our trainers are law enforcement professionals with years of SWAT team experience in corporate and educational settings.

Executive Protection Assessment and Training

Working in conjunction with the active shooter response team, individuals with federal-level executive protection experience provide risk assessment and guidance for violent intruder/workplace violence situations. Additional guidance can be provided for executive travel security and standard executive risk mitigation tactics.

Cyber Risk Assessment and Training

In light of the increasing volume and sophistication of cyber threats, safeguarding personal information and educating employees about cyber security protocols is critical. In partnership with leading cyber security experts, we developed a cyber risk assessment program to help locations identify risks and determine their cyber security preparedness. Our experts will examine and test hardware and software, assess policies and procedures that may impact cyber risk, and make recommendations for the mitigation of that risk.

Crisis Management and Strategic Communications

Our crisis management teams offer a broad range of expertise in the support and guidance of institutions in times of crisis. Working with our tabletop exercise partners, we provide training of location-level crisis teams through the critical steps in the management of a crisis. This program includes the development of effective and adaptive crisis management planning, team structure and development, and strategic communications.

Customized Training Programs and Services

From Servsafe® Food Manager certification to harassment prevention programs, we offer a variety of customized training and services to suit your location’s specific needs.

Risk Alerts

Risk Alerts are custom notifications, sent via email or text message, designed to inform recipients of an imminent risk or adverse condition that could cause injury to people, damage to property, or financial loss to the organization’s operations. The goal is to educate and inform as well as provide useful and proactive measures to help constituents maintain their property and provide a safe environment. A Risk Alert can be weather-related, alerting participants to particularly harsh or dangerous imminent weather conditions. It could be a reminder to maintain heat in unoccupied or infrequently used buildings or wings so that pipes do not freeze and burst, or it could inform constituents of an increase in theft and break-ins in their area. Electronic distribution gives us the ability to track which locations are viewing the alerts. The service includes research, identification of resources, monitoring of the situation that warranted the alert, and updates to locations as needed.

Specialized Risk Management and Loss Control Services

Ratio Risk Services can also provide resources to research, design and develop programs to respond to any risk management and loss control needs that may arise.